From the Bride: I've been at Black Oak since I was in high school, and Kyle had been mentioning the verse that says, "Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of thine heart." After past relationship failures, I didn't know what else to do; I just wanted to serve Him and accept His will in my life. Once I got to that point, I found myself sitting on a pew in front of Jacob who had not been to our church in years, but he came with his friend, Robby. I noticed him, but I never said anything. He says he noticed me right away, and it was like love at first sight (lol). The next Sunday, he came without Robby to our Sunday school class, which caught my attention because he wasn't afraid to come to church alone, and all of our seats were mainly taken, so I sat next to him and greeted him. After that morning, he messaged me on Facebook August 16, 2016. I waited nearly a week before I responded because I was so scared of the possibility of hurt again. Once I responded, we talked every day. Michelle was with me every step of this journey, and she would get to church early with me so that I could talk to him and get to know him in person, and we would stay later after church to talk as well. The three of us even went to Knoxville together once because we both wanted to get to know him inside and out before a decision was made. We just wanted to take it slow, and we did. On November 26, 2016, he came to pick me up for our first outing together (just the two of us), and on December 9, 2016, Jacob came to my house with flowers to take me out, and he asked to make this courting official. I, of course, agreed. We went to Knoxville and ate before we went to the movies and saw "Doctor Strange." We were inseparable after that because we had been talking for so long and were a lot alike. On March 11, 2017, he wanted to take me on a hike, and he invited Mischa and Michelle to join us. He said there was an overlook he really wanted to see, and we were always looking for adventures anyway, so I agreed. The four of us were on an extremely long trail in the Big South Fork, and we had no idea how long it was, but we went. We made it to the overlook, and Michelle and I were laying in the sun. We were exhausted when Mischa asked Michelle to come help him with something (they caught this moment on video and through pictures). I waited a minute, but when I turned around, Jacob had this book that said "Courtney and Jacob's Adventure Book," which surprised me because I had planned on making him one after we watched the Up movie together. I thought that was the present... until he got down on one knee, opened the book to show me the ring tied to a strand on the inside, and told me he wanted me to go on the best adventure of our lives and marry me. After he popped the question, I knew that my prayers had been answered. God really does give you the desires of your heart when you trust and try your best (not perfectly) to honor Him. I told him yes, and we've never looked back! We just keep pressing forward, and on June 30, 2017, I'll have the privilege of being his wife! ? #cantwaittobeking

   Makeup - Chelsea Hayes Hair 

Victoria Slaven Florist 

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