From The Bride: One of my college friends, Amber, worked with Steven's sister, Sharon. Over lunch one day, Sharon was talking about how she wanted to find someone for her brother to date. Amber volunteered that she knew the perfect person. A couple of months later and we were set up for our first date. Steven is from Fentress County, and I'm from Scott County. We met in Scott County for our first date. I had plans to go to Rae Zacks for dinner, but when we pulled in wouldn't you know my whole family was in there eating. I didn't tell him why until later but we passed it up and went to Prestons Steakhouse. Once we got seated in Prestons, wouldn't you know we were setting beside one of his best friends aunts. Our first date was in April 2016. In April of 2017, he asked me to marry him on the beach in Mexico.

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Milfords (Flower Shop)

BN (Catering)

Chelsea Hayes (makeup)

Whitney Seiber (hair)

Alfred Angelo (wedding dress)

Men's Warehouse

Jared & Leondra Kidd(Videographer)

William Bilbrey (DJ)

Rhonda Brooks (Cake)

Susan & Bobby Norman (BN Catering)

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